Platinum is the New Green

LEED Platinum Certified

LEED Platinum

Every aspect of 888 East Walnut has been assessed and adjusted to ensure the best performance in relation to water, energy, materials, and environmental quality. Sustainability isn’t a fashion statement here, it is a way of life and is at the heart of our community. Learn more about each of our green initiatives and how they can raise your expectations about what a building can provide.

U. S. Green Building Council – LEED Platinum

888 East Walnut recently attained LEED EBOM PLATINUM CERTIFICATION, under the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system for Existing Buildings: Operation and Maintenance (EBOM) v2021.

We have installed numerous water fixtures that help curb our water usage. From installing sink faucet aerators that control flow rates but don’t compromise functionality, to replacing entire units like the newly adopted waterless urinals, our building-wide water usage adjustments have helped us achieve a 30% water-use reduction.

888 East Walnut is a very energy efficient building with an Energy Star score of that consistently registers between 95 and 100 (out of 100). To ensure this holds true in continuing operations, we have implemented an ongoing commissioning program to ensure all of our equipment is operating at its manufacturer-expected usage. LED lighting upgrades have been installed throughout the property, including the parking structure, courtyard, and lobby.

As part of our effort to create not only a more sustainable work environment, but a greener community as well, we have adopted a purchasing and waste policy that enables us to buy materials that are more environmentally sensitive and recycle waste more effectively. We understand that this may not be an easy process for many of us, so we have established a new waste system to enable a more convenient proper waste disposal system in our office spaces.

Because we spend a majority of our days inside, indoor environmental quality is a very critical aspect of this certification process. In an effort to ensure everyone in the building has high air quality, we support the idea of environmentally sensitive cleaning products to decrease exposure to harmful chemicals.

Energy Efficiency:

Thirty-five percent of the energy generated from US power plants is used to heat, cool, light, and power equipment in commercial buildings. This building is Energy-Star rated, which increases the level of operating energy efficiency performance. Along with a continual energy performance measurement and monitoring system in place, this building ensures all systems are operating at energy efficient levels.


A good site can help other sustainable building characteristics work more efficiently together. Over 70% of Americans drive to work alone, but this building’s proximity to public transportation immensely increases the use of alternative transportation and commuting.

Our proximity to mass transit and downtown Pasadena allows for alternative forms of transportation, which greatly reduces our overall carbon footprint and eases southern California’s traffic stress.

Water Conservation:

As the demand for potable water in Southern California increases, urban water supply is increasingly dependent on user conservation. This building currently uses waterless urinals, low-flow fixtures, rain sensor irrigation, and various innovative water fixtures to reduce potable water use.


Solid waste generation is decreasing the amount of land designated for landfills and improper disposal of hazardous waste harms the environment. 888 East Walnut has a recycling program that diverts paper, cardboard, aluminum, plastic, and glass products from the normal waste stream. With recycled-material manufactured goods increasing in quality and performance, buying products with recycled content is an increasing option for consumers. 888 East Walnut promotes sustainable goods purchasing and diverts of solid waste and harmful materials from the landfill by practicing proper disposal practices.

Indoor Air Quality:

Indoor air quality is critical to occupant health, especially since we spend an average of 90% of the day indoors. The US EPA reports that poor indoor air quality can result in headaches, eye/nose/throat irritation, dizziness, and fatigue. As part of 888 East Walnut’s effort to improve indoor air quality, we use green cleaning products that are environmentally sensitive and decrease occupant exposure to harmful chemicals.